Success Story

INNOWELD Metallverarbeitung GmbH was founded in 1987 by four technicians out of the former group and has grown successfully and continuously since then.

The reason was that VEW, a government-owned group, because of political decisions, was forced to concentrate on its core business in basic steel production.

All plants for finished products were concentrated on one single place which led to a drastic reduction of products. Therefore they conceived the idea of founding their own company, which was judged most positively from former clients due to the long-lasting personal relations and collaboration.

With their support, this intention to set up the enterprise INNOWELD Metallverarbeitung GmbH could be realized very quickly and prosperously. Another positive aspect was the availability of highly experienced, skilled workers to recruit from VEW.

The experts in steel technology, welding, forming, plant engineering, equipment fabricators, pipe fitters, as well as quality assurance/control specialists, were ready to work.

The operation was started with a small number of specialist/skilled employees, which was increased continuously. Soon after overcoming the starting phase, INNOWELD was already in a position to buy the manufacturing halls from VEW. The economic boom of those days supported the growth in the beginning but also during the following difficult times; where other companies struggled, INNOWELD grew steadily.


Hönigsberg 1

Premises approx. 8.000 m², with office building (distribution, process engineering, marketing, project management and process technology, approx. 200 m²) and a nearly new fabrication hall (500 m²), with “cleanroom” conditions for the production of titanium and nickel based equipment. Final assembly of equipment, implementation of P+R and test runs of plants.


Hönigsberg 2

Premises approx. 50.000 m², with office building (production, engineering, quality assurance 300 m²). 1.800 m² hall for fabrication of laser cutting and subsequent fabrication. Furthermore a 2.100 m² hall for the prefabrication of parts and for the production of plant components out of carbon steel. 1.600 m² for the production of austenitic and special materials as well as underroof storage area. 3.300 m² for fabrication of isometric lines, high pressure equipment and heavy weight equipment up to 150 tons.


IMC Kapfenberg

Premises about 7.500 m² with office building (research laboratory, engineering, production, quality assurance). 3 base (2 x 1400 m², 1 x 1.600 m²) for the mechanical machining of components.

And a 2.300 m² hall, for PTA (Plasma Transfer Arc)-welding assembly of components under application of PTA-welding, thermal spray processing, heat treatment and fabrication of extruder-screws and complete units.


NATEX Ternitz

Natex is a follow-up of Schoeller-Bleckmann (SB) Process Technology Division, where in the early eighties the industrial application of dense CO2 gas technology was introduced. In 1993 the experience, know-how, patents and pilot units were transferred exclusively to Natex in the course of a management buy-out. The biggest shareholder of Natex is INNOWELD. This resulted in a unique combination of process know-how, equipment supply and provision of services for a wide range of applications.