Besides the mechanical calculation and design, according to all established pressure vessel standards and codes like ASME or AD2000, we prove our constructions by FEM Stress Analysis, heat transfer calculation and even CFD Simulations. This big spectrum of calculation and analyzing possibilities is the foundation for the superior quality and reliability of the final product.

Furthermore, we design the electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic control and safety systems for our vessels with high pressure quick opening closures and can even provide complete pilot plants or scale-up projects, including the process design, together with the affiliated company Natex. The synergy of the individual companies is based on the shared know-how for process technology combined with the fabrication know-how of INNOWELD.

With our high diversity of applications and specialists, improved processes in all sectors can be established for our clients. Due to our experience of more than 30 years of pressure vessel and plant engineering, we are always in a position to support our partners with appropriate solutions in an early stage of the project.