INNOWELD is an international acting enterprise in the field of equipment and piping systems supply, with a workforce of more than 130 highly qualified employees. The services and products of INNOWELD range from basic and detail engineering to the supply of plants and components.

The quality of our products respectively plants is based on a long-term acquired know-how for industrial and craft-business applications within Europe and worldwide.

Our services include plant engineering, detail engineering, mechanical design, fabrication, field-assembly, test runs (incl. test reports) and complete documentation of supplied plants and all components.

We are capable of fabricating products in following materials:

  • Carbon steel
  • Low-alloyed steel
  • Hydrogen resistant steel
  • Corrosion resistant steel
  • Non-magnetic materials
  • Duplex and Superduplex
  • Heat-resistant steel
  • Nickel- and Nickel-based steel
  • Titanium and Titanium alloys
  • Alumina and Alumina alloys
  • Compound materials (lining, cladding, weld overlay)
  • Special materials
Service Center
Our high-quality Service Center for contract production offers a wide range of manufacturing possibilities and produces single parts and assemblies according to your requirements and drawings.
High Pressure Vessel
High pressure vessels for various applications up to 3.000 bar can be designed, calculated, fabricated and tested by Innoweld. The possibilities of using a high-pressure vessel is numberless.
High Pressure Heat Exchanger
Industrial high-pressure heat exchangers in different variations are a core product of Innoweld and often a product where a lot of manufacturing technologies come together. Our flexible production makes sure, that our clients receives them in the best quality and with the fastest delivery time.
Furnace Equipment
We fabricate different products for industrial steam reformer furnaces which are used for the production of hydrogen. The products are specially designed for the occurring high temperatures and to resist hydrogen.
Quick Opening Closure
The special high pressure quick opening closure for horizontal and vertical vessels is able to open a high-pressure vessel with up to 1.200 bar and a diameter of up to 1 meter within less than 2 minutes.
Special Products
With our long list of special products, we show our broad range of possibilities. Therefore, we combine our competences from the production of high pressure equipment and use it in various other and similar areas. With some of our projects we show our expertise in engineering and manufacturing even complete turn-key projects.
We offer the full spectrum of services which are needed to evaluate the current conditions of an old plant and to repair the necessary isometrics and vessels with the highest quality to guarantee the reliability for the future.